As announced a while ago, Shelley joined Chico’s Angels in their new adventure, named Chico’s Angels 3: Chicas in Chains. Her performance went from July 16-July 26, and i have added to the gallery all photos released from her appearance!

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Shelley joined Chico’s Angels in Chico’s Angels 3: Chicas in Chains, where has been doing from shows since July 16-July 26. I will be posting photos from the shows soon but until then, you can read this bit of an review that mentions Shelley!

Shelley Hennig kills as the street-talking street walker Cinnamon before she gets quickly killed. But in classic soap opera fashion, re-appears as Cinnamon’s sweet twin Spice. Hennig’s Spice has a fabulous Angels’ version of “Cellblock Tango” with the three Angels. Hennig also plays Kelly, mean girl personified, with Cher Ferreyra as Becky, her partner in meanness. Hennig and Ferreyra have their laidback Valley Girl spiel down way pat.