Recently Jeff Davis sat down with Entertainment Weekly, where he answered a few questions on the finale and season 5 of Teen Wolf. He was asked about the Desert Wolf (who we found out through Peter that is possibly Malia’s mother), and even mentioned Shelley herself. Down bellow you will find out pieces of the article, where Jeff Davis mentions Shelley.

The mystery I’m obsessed with, as I’m sure many fans are, is the desert wolf. I’m sure that’s one of the main things you all want to explore going forward.
We’re definitely going to be working on that storyline next season. And Shelley Hennig has turned out to be such a great addition to the cast. She’s so funny. She’s had some of my favorite funny moments this season.

Was it when she said “deer”?
Yeah, exactly. [Laughs] It’s funny because she just emailed me yesterday and said, “I just ate deer. Not kidding.” [Laughs] So she’s somewhere in New Orleans I think, or in North Carolina, enjoying a meal of venison. Venison’s deer, right? [Laughs] She said she watched it with her whole family, and everyone laughed out loud at the line.


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